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Sandia Connect – Unlimited Unclassified Release Only

NIF Tour

NIF & Photon Science would like to offer a NIF Tour at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for attendees of the Asia Pacific Symposium on Tritium Science meeting on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. 

For those interested in attending a NIF tour, please register at the following site:

To register:

1.      Click the "Register Now" button

2.      Enter the password "niftour" (without the quotes)

3.      Follow all the prompts to complete your registration.

When prompted for your Group Name, enter your meeting name “APSOT-2”.

When prompted for your tour date, enter "SEPT 6, 2017”.

Deadlines: Non-US Citizens should register before June 30, 2017. US Citizens should register before August 18, 2017.